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Re: Fighting Impostor Syndrome

I agree that helping others is the most effective tool against
Impostor Syndrome.     Beginners can read and contribute to
linux-newbies or Hacker Public Radio or post content at places like
elinux.org or stackoverflow.     Giving lightning or LUG talks or
writing blog entries or editing technical Wikipedia articles is
another way of warming up for the Major Leagues.       Once beginners
realize that they do no more about some topic than others, they start
to develop a feeling of confidence, and the validation they receive
from helping others may encourage them to do more!

-- Alison, who tries to answer at least one mailing list technical
question a week

Alison Chaiken
(650) 279-5600  (cell)                       {she-devel.com,
Your body is governed by ancillary concerns like “stopping the intolerable
pain” and “not dying”. Those types of concerns have no place in cycling.
-- Velominati,

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