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Aloha DebIan-Women

        I'd like to start with a reminder of the name DebIan,
the contraction of the names of two people, Deb, and Ian. A woman
was instrumental in the very existence of DebIan.

        Picking a category (women) which selects half the population,
immediately yields that there is very little in common within the group.
DebIan software is for humans, regardless any other characteristic.

        What sustains a group is either controversy, learning / growth,
or cocreation. By now women should not be controversial on our planet,
however, we are in the midst of a huge transformation of consciousness
ending the patriarchal domination of the planet, an issue affecting
all of human life, not particularly DebIan. As for learning+growth,
software and computing are a way humans are exploring consciousness,
and our process of ascension beyond the limitations of 3D will
ultimately lead to transcending physical technology, and the software
it runs, however, the concepts of information sharing, and whatever
controls we place thereupon, are universal, and universally, the
akashic records are open to all, so DebIan as FLOSSware is in alignment
with cosmic truth, whereas *ALL* proprietary/restricted/secret info,
thus copyrights and patents, are in contradiction to the essence of life.
That leaves cocreation, and DebIan as a modern example of cocreation,
transcending all artificial categorization by sex or gender, race,
nationality, etc. Therefore, we can start with the question...
what is the true purpose / productivity / cocreation of Debian Women?

DebIan, by being FLOSS, is already of feminine values of cooperation
versus the traditional patriarchal / proprietary / corporate values
of win-lose competition. Therefore, we might say that DebIan *is*
feminine, and it *should* therefore be a leading example of where and
how women and women's values and priorities can and may thrive, yay
even *should* thrive. Therefore, women should feel right at home in
any area of Debian, and the men in DebIan's community, should be
congratulated and appreciated for having embraced and living and
supporting feminine values :-) Thanks, Guys!

Since as spirits we're all androgynous, and higher truth is of total
information sharing, as we all progress, our success will be measured
by the ultimate extinction of Debian Women as unneccessary, an
anachronism of the awakening and transition to higher consciousness.
So, Ladies, it's time to lead. In traditional culture, it is the
wise feminine (within both men and women)  which gives culture and
society its direction, whereas the masculine "doer" within both men
and women, implements the ideals.  Thus, the most important role of
participation for Debian Women, is to constructively guide and
initiate "in which direction should we be growing?"

While DebIan is sufficiently slow moving to retain traditional values,
whilst other "distros" pursue the latest fads, we can constructively
discuss and find agreement on the directions DebIan "ought to" grow.
Therefore, I challenge Debian Women to discuss and converge upon a
direction of evolution for DebIan... what trends would we like to see?
What does DebIan lack that needs to be created?

>From the ancient days, we inherit the value of "show me your code",
"code is queen", and, oh, yeah, by the way, documentation would be nice.
But now that we have a fully functional overall software ecosystem,
other than incorporating support for the latest woman-machine interfaces,
what feminine values do we find yet unimplemented, necessary, relevant?

I hope here to ask the questions that initiate discussion, rather than
to provide here my own answers, to generate more questions, which via
community cooperation, communication, and cocreation, will lead to answers.

Aloha, Angela Kahealani
Kahealani <kahealani@kahealani.net>             http://kahealani.net/
+1(808)822-5272;           http://crypto.cat conversation "kahealani"
c/o: 6510 Olohena Rd.,T.D.C.; Kapa'a, Kaua'i; [near 96746 U.S., C.F.]

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