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Re: contact address for anti-harassment policies

Well I'm late to this conversation but I entirely agree with what Don has said
earlier and here.

On 15/12/10 8:26 AM, Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Dec 2010, Christian PERRIER wrote:
>> +1 again, though I don't really buy Don's argument that harassment
>> doesn't necessarily follow the usual heteronormative roles. In 99.9%
>> percent of cases, it probably does.
> This is actually a misconception that occurs occasionally, which often
> leads to the marginalization of individuals who are affected by it. In
> the US in 2009, 16% of sexual harassment charges in the workplace were
> filed by men[1]; an earlier telephone poll in 2008 indicated that half
> of sexual harassment reported by males was from males, the other half
> from females.[2]

One interesting thing about this is that in a community that is as
male-dominated as Debian, these figures mean that there would probably be more
instances of male-male sexual harassment within Debian than there would be of
male-female or any other combination, simply because there are so many more men
than women.  I think this means there is a genuine need for an anti-harrasment
email address that won't make a man feel that he isn't welcome to contact it.


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