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contact address for anti-harassment policies

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I've been asked to declare an anti-harassment policy for Debian Sprints
and I'll be happy to do that. Discussing with the proposers (Lars and
Amaya) the obvious question of "who the contact address should be?" has
naturally arisen.

I propose to have a single contact point for harassment reports, which
we can then refer to from various incarnations of the anti-harassment
policies (e.g. the sprint one, a potentially forthcoming one for
DebConf, etc.).

A reasonable role address which came to my mind is

Amaya has already volunteered to be behind it, although IMHO it would be
nice to have at least 2 people behind it, for redundancy reasons. Of
course they will be in charge of taking reports to the appropriate event
organizers as needed, and with the appropriate confidentiality, tact,

If you like the idea, we only need someone to setup the needed alias and
advertise the link on the Debian Women website. I'll then take care of
mentioning it in the sprint policy.

What do you think?

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