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Debian Women Training Session: Debian Package Informations

Training Session: Debian Package Informations

As part of the Training Sessions initiative organized by the Debian Women
project, Enrico Zini, Debian Developer since 2002, will held on Thursday a
lesson about Debian package informations.

The lesson will focus on some tools useful both for users and maintainers to
obtain and manipulate various informations about Debian packages.

Like the previuos sessions, this lesson will take place on #debian-women
on irc.debian.org at 20:00 UTC on Thursday 16th December.
Logs will be available immediately after the lesson at the usual place [1] and
a wiki tutorial will be created a few days later.

This session will also be the last Training Session for this year: a new round
of IRC Training Session could be start on next January or February, depending
on the number of available trainers.

The Debian Women project wants say a big thank you to all the trainers,
volunteers and the audience.

See you soon!

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