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Re: Statistics of female participation in packing in Debian

Quoting Margarita Manterola (margamanterola@gmail.com):
> Hi!
> For the piece of news I'm preparing about DW, I compiled a statistic
> of female participation in Debian.
> You can see the results at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Statistics
> The graph is only about packaging (first uploads, DD accounts, DM
> keys).  It'd be nice to compile similar lists of participation in the
> BTS and in translations, but I fear that the information is way too
> large to parse.

That might be feasible for translations (though limiting to
translations "belonging" to Debian is sometimes tricky), though probably often limited
by "wild guess" when only the person's name is the key to decide
whether she's female (there are at least two translators who I myself
mistakenly addressed as men, sometimes for months, before knowing they
were women). Also, the translation work usually retains the name of
the last contributing person (Last-Translator in PO files) mais not
always very strictly the history of contributors.

Finally, I would here probably avoid listing names (you of
course know that some contributing women prefer avoiding to advertize
their gender: here again, I have real examples in mind in the l10n

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