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Re: d-w wiki page

CC'ing debian-women@lists.debian.org (Éric, I'm cc'ing the list because
you sent this mail only to me)


On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 04:35:34AM +0200, Éric Araujo wrote:
> Hello Francesca and list
> > IMHO 1,2,4 can stay on w.d.o, as subpages, with links in team page.
> > 3 could be put into website, maybe with something as feed from geek feminism
> > blog, or sites like that. And identi.ca account, too.:D
> +1
> > Ok, maybe I'm exagerating now. ;)
> I don’t think so; pulling two feeds does not seem unreasonable or
> difficult. (I don’t know how the site runs, though.)

I don't know it, too. In the meanwhile I've noted that DebianWomen are also on
Alioth, so I've joined the team. :D

How is organized the site? 
How we can refresh it a little?
Because - I hope it not sounds offensive - it give an impression of ...
outdated contents. The first time I was there I thought the project was

> > 2. I need a proofreading on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen
> I’ll do that tomorrow.

I've received another mail with a proposal for a proofread from Lisi, so you
can coordinate your efforts against my grammar super-errors ;))
Lisi, come and enjoy the list! 

> > (I'm sorry but I write in en_IT)
> I think there’s no need to apologize for doing volunteer work and not
> being perfect. You may find this piece interesting:
> http://ostatic.com/blog/more-bad-english-please (via Catherine Devlin on
> the diversity@python.org mailing list).

Oh thanks.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
For every time I feel myself ridicoulus and inadequate when I try to explain
an idea or a simple fact or even a joke and I can't.
That link is fantastic.
I'm shy and insecure, but I've decided to try and try... and communicate.
And I know many persons - with great socials and computing skills - who
don't contribute because of their "poor english". We, italians, are so

I think I'll translate in Italian that article.

> > 3.it could be useful a link/contact about mentors program on the wiki page but
> > I'm not sure about the right person to name in. :)
> BTW, is there a mentoring program for non-women?
>> Sorry for the long mail
> Heh, I’ve read and written much longer :)
> I found a Python tutorial in the pages that have been migrated. Would it
> be useful to update it? I’ve just skimmed over it and thought I could
> improve it, filling in the part about Unicode and modernizing code.
> Maybe it is supposed to be left alone as historical document? If not,
> could I update it to 2.7 or 3.1?
IMO it could be more useful update it, maybe adding a note (maybe in a box?) explaining that the
original document was the result of a course held by $name on $date regarding
$argument and it was updated by $second_author.
We need to decide a line: 

1. we want to use the wiki and subpages /courses/ to
archive past-event-lessons as they are (so they're untouchable and unchangeble) but IMHO this
is against the nature of a wiki itself (cause everyone can pass on those page and
can update it in contrast with our editorial line) and I don't think that wiki
admin will be happy with this decision; so if we want to take this lessons as
historical document unchanged the solution (I think) can be archive it on the

2. we cant share them with all the users of the wiki (an audience wider than the
websites visitors) but - to make them useful - we need to update (not forget
to mention the original author and date of lesson).

Thank you so much for your contribute!
(And, again, for the s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r link)


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