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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

On 12/01/2008, Melissa Draper <melissa@meldraweb.com> wrote:
> <simonrvn> @be $1 barbie is <reply>AAAAW! $1 is too HARD! let's go shopping!
> <ravenbird> simonrvn: okay
> <simonrvn> w00t
> <simonrvn> @be ssh barbie
> <ravenbird> AAAAW! ssh is too HARD! let's go shopping!

I'd like to believe that simonrvn was also lampooning that Barbie
doll, not celebrating it. :-( I'm a frequenter to the Freenode
channel, and I have chatted several times with simonrvn. He's a member
of a minority in Montreal, and I would expect him to know what
discrimination and prejudice feels like to not do it himself.

> followed by discussion of and links to NSFW stuff.

Nobody linked this?


Also, regarding porn in general, which you seem to have mentioned...
minefield, and something I'm very ambivalent about. On the one hand, I
support amongst adults dissemination of material for sexual
titillation without any sort of legal restriction (except when the
material was produced with obvious immoralities like children, of
course), on the other hand, many of the women in pornography are
probably coerced to do it in one way or another (economic coersion
*is* coersion), and I feel about them the same way I feel about
prostitutes. If they're doing it out of choice, fine, but how can we
know if it's really choice or not? The blog of the London call girl,
cum book, cum television series (is it airing yet?) comes to mind.

That being said, if the boys linked to porn, then I have no idea if I
really fault them or not. Debian tends to be very liberal about these
sort of things and certainly not "family friendly". I like being able
to swear in #debian and #debian-offtopic and perhaps I'd like to link
once in a while to porn which I am certain was produced without the
exploitation of any woman, such as animation (and btw, there is
someone in #debian-offtopic who is regularly hostile to me in
#debian-offtopic, but I respond in kind and mostly ignore him).

Whenever I'm around the #debian and #debian-offtopic channels, I try
to make it a point to ridiculise anyone who says something blatantly
sexist or otherwise bigoted, which I think is the best thing that boys
can do to give other boys the message that their joke wasn't funny nor

> As an active Ubuntu-Women member, I've many times been told to come to
> Debian and the Debian-Women project whenever someone in Ubuntu slips up,
> because D-W have had more success with the overall Debian community.
> Quite frankly, I'm at a loss for what to think, because I'm not really
> seeing it :(

I'm sorry I'm being defensive... The #debian-offtopic channel is a
clique and hostile to everyone. #debian should be fairly clean if it's
using Debian's banner, and  but I just don't see how to sanitise
#debian-offtopic without breaking up a clique. Maybe this should be
done, and maybe Debian should be family friendly. Maybe we should ban
taboo words in #debian and #debian-offtopic in Freenode, and maybe
Debian should also be a distribution for human beings (including
women) and that anybody who uses the Debian banner should be required
to adhere to this philosophy.

Or maybe not. I'm really not sure.

In short: I apologise, but I'm not sure how to fix what bothered you.
- Jordi G. H.

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