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IRQ trap ?

Hello my friends. I have an AMD 4800 dual core, Asus M2R32-mvp motherboard, cpl gig of ram, 4 ata drives and an ide drive as well. The issue I'm seeing is this. during the boot process I'm hanging on an error message that goes "IRQ trap at vector 10" Although I've also seen vector 8 mentioned, and another as well I think. Further, as I read, I'm led to believe it's not recognizing the ATA drives, at least at this point. I've done some preliminary googling and saw some mentions about an AHCI setting in the bios, which in truth, I haven't fully explored as of yet, but just curious if any of you had seen this issue as well ? Thank you all for your time here..most appreciated each of you are. Have a great wknd ...

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