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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

On Jan 12, 2008 5:04 AM, Melissa Draper <melissa@meldraweb.com> wrote:
> As part of my NY Resolutions, I decided it was time to get more involved
> in Debian, which involves hanging out in Debian channels more. Apart
> from rejoining the OFTC Debian channels, I also joined the Freenode ones
> since they are still the more populous. The channels I joined included
> #debian-offtopic - a 'secret' channel which they freely redirect
> offtopic conversation to if they are asked for an offtopic channel.

Ok, so, after a small bit of research I found out something
interesting. It turns out that #ubuntu-offtopic on freenode is an
official community channel for Ubuntu.

So, *newsflash*, not all similarly named channels are for the same
thing.  The fact that there is a #debian-offtopic should NOT lead you
to believe that people on that channel are expected to behave as
people on #ubuntu-offtopic.

Debian's official servers are at irc.oftc.net.  Debian's community
channels are #debian and the localized #debian-fr, #debian-br, etc.

If you are going to come with any complaints about irc channels, and
come claiming that _we_ are not doing enough, then please give some
grounds to your claims. Speaking about random channels on random
networks does NOT give grounds to your claim.

> It was merely indicated to me often that Debian-Women had achieved what Ubuntu-Women had not.
> To me, Ubuntu-Women has achieved a far further reach than the inner circles.

Comparing how much UW has done against how much DW has done seems to
have no grounds at all. Since the first one is a user support group,
and the other is a developer encouraging group.

So, whatever, you do great user support, we do not.  But we've
increased the amount of female developers and you have not.  Who wins?
Just to be clear, I'll spell it out: I don't think anybody wins, we
are two groups who have two very different aims, and I don't think
it's useful AT ALL to demand the other group to change their aim.

Please, until you learn to value other people's work, do refrain from
demanding that we do random stuff that only interests you.


PS (for the rest of d-w list): I'm sorry if this comes as too
aggresive, but after a whole re-reading of IRC backlogs and mailing
list threads, and talking with #debian-offtopic people, I can't but
express my opinion on this matter.

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