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Re: [OT] About Computer Careers


On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 01:58:49PM -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> I've been analizing the different career options related to Computers
> available in Argentina, and I've found out, not surprisingly, that
> they all aim for people developing end-user applications, mainly with
> Java or .NET.

I suppose you are talking about degrees, therefore the following
thoughts are based on that guess.

> Some of them do include, "Introduction to Operating Systems",
> "Introduction to Computer Architectures" and maybe "Introduction to
> Embedded Systems".  But they are all introductions and the quality of
> those subjects tends to be quite bad.
> Is this something that happens everywhere? Or are there more options
> in the rest of the world?

Things look similar here (Spain).

> Basically, I feel that there's a vacuum of career options for people
> who already know all the "introduction" parts, and wish to delve more
> deeply into the development of low-level code (kernel, X, libs, etc).

Note that not everybody starts their degree with enough experience to
just skip the introduction parts in the courses. In addition, I guess
that making different plans for advanced and non-advanced students is
a fact that is not interesting for the people who rule the plans.

IMHO, degrees shouldn't be focused in specific topics such as kernel
development because it could end up in a problem, everyone would like
be specialized in something and it is impossible to build personalized
plans for each one.

With regard to your first paragraph, Why Java and not X development?
In short and sadly, learning Java opens you more doors that X
development does ;)

Just my two cents.

   - Nacho 

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