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[OT] About Computer Careers

I've been analizing the different career options related to Computers
available in Argentina, and I've found out, not surprisingly, that
they all aim for people developing end-user applications, mainly with
Java or .NET.

Some of them do include, "Introduction to Operating Systems",
"Introduction to Computer Architectures" and maybe "Introduction to
Embedded Systems".  But they are all introductions and the quality of
those subjects tends to be quite bad.

Is this something that happens everywhere? Or are there more options
in the rest of the world?

Basically, I feel that there's a vacuum of career options for people
who already know all the "introduction" parts, and wish to delve more
deeply into the development of low-level code (kernel, X, libs, etc).

They all end up being self-taught, but sometimes I feel it'd be good
to have these subjects taught more formally.


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