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Re: Now for something really controversial...

Please do not CC me on replies. But thanks for the reply anyway. :_)

also sprach Barton C Massey <bart@cs.pdx.edu> [2006.07.12.0035 +0200]:
> What sort of "properly" do you have in mind?  Most users in X.org
> are treating git repositories as centralized repositories without
> any difficulty.  The X.org dev model is much less about
> disconnected and highly personalized dev (so far) than the Linux
> kernel model.

Okay, it's just important. I don't think the decentralised
development model is necessarily the best model for Debian.

> > Can it handle external archives, like svn:externals (this is not
> > relevent to d-w).
> Hey, off-topic is good :-).  But it's hard for me to answer this
> one, since I have never used svn:externals and am not a git guru.
> I think git has plenty of hooks to handle this style if needed.
> I'll look into this some more, and get back to you off-list unless
> others here are interested.

Right; basically svn:externals says: this directory is another
repository to be checked out from here. It makes for some really
nice features, like being able to tie together different programs at
different revisions into a bundle. Plone and Zope use this
extensively. I can't live without it any more.

Oh, and another pro for SVN: Joey Hess uses SVN for everything, and
so far he's not found anything better. To me, this was reason enough
to stop my search and get on with it, using SVN.

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