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Re: Now for something really controversial...

My strong default preference at this point is for git.  It
works well, supports all the necessary features plus some
extras, and is IMHO poised to be the default SCMS of choice
for a number of open source projects (besides kernel.org and
x.org).  The cogito interface, which is rapidly improving,
makes it usable by mere mortals.  We've moved a lot of my
projects to git, and have had lots of good experiences and
no catastrophes.

    Bart Massey
    Assoc. Prof. Computer Science
    Portland State University

> ti, 2006-07-11 kello 16:27 -0400, Erinn Clark kirjoitti:
> > I think we should switch version control systems for our website. Which
> > one should we use? I will probably go with whichever option is most
> > popular, but have a preference for not subversion. Discuss.

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