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Re: Now for something really controversial...

In message <[🔎] 20060711220836.GA1608@piper.madduck.net> you wrote:
> also sprach Barton C Massey <bart@cs.pdx.edu> [2006.07.11.2350 +0200]:
> > My strong default preference at this point is for git.  It
> > works well, supports all the necessary features plus some
> > extras,
> Can it handle centralised archives properly?

What sort of "properly" do you have in mind?  Most users in
X.org are treating git repositories as centralized
repositories without any difficulty.  The X.org dev model is
much less about disconnected and highly personalized dev (so
far) than the Linux kernel model.

> Can it handle external archives, like svn:externals (this is not
> relevent to d-w).

Hey, off-topic is good :-).  But it's hard for me to answer
this one, since I have never used svn:externals and am not a
git guru.  I think git has plenty of hooks to handle this
style if needed.  I'll look into this some more, and get
back to you off-list unless others here are interested.


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