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Re: Now for something really controversial...

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On 07/11/2006 07:23 PM, Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Ana Guerrero <ana@ekaia.org> [2006:07:11 23:56 +0200]: 
>>Yeah, Why not subversion?
> It's a personal thing for me. I hate it. 
> However, I am not going to be the only one using the repo, so while I do
> not like subversion, I do know how to use it and wouldn't exactly die if
> it were the popular opinion. I'm mostly just curious what the people who
> work on the website (or would like to work on the website) prefer. :) If
> it's svn, cool, if it's bzr, cool, if it's rcs or cvs, ...we need to
> have a talk.

	Working on the website includes translation efforts? :-)

	If the above answer is yes I have two points:

	a) Debian Website is in CVS. Debian Women is a strong entry point
	   for Debian, similar to the Debian Website, I know that CVS is
	   old and other problems, but thinking about the idea of exchange
	   "human power" between the projects it sounds like a good choice.

	b) A lot of projects are handled in CVS or SVN inside Debian, once
	   again, looking from the "easy to move and start helping in other
	   areas", they are certainly a very good choice.

	Changing from CVS to SVN is not that complex, there are tools
around to make it. But you know... CVS is kind of old and SVN should be
the natural "next step", I'm not exactly discussing features, but how to
use the tool, CVS and SVN are very similar (and pretty easy to learn the
basic procedures).

	Christian Perrier (bubulle) always says that, sometimes,
translators face a hard time exchaging between several different VCS
because each maintainer has its own preferences, so at least the basic
commands are required to help them. :-)

	SVN is also where d-i lives (and d-i manual). A lot of documents
(and translations) are kept in CVS/SVN (Manoj uses arch to maintain the
Policy), and from a first look, the distributed way is a little bit
strange for newcomers (hey, I have hard times trying to explain people
that they don't need to lock the file using SVN, that we will be able
to merge the changes and so on).

	So... if we are thinking about helping people to learn the
tools and then help in other areas of Debian, CVS/SVN should be the
way to go. :-)

	Kind regards,

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