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Re: IT screen goddesses

ma, 2006-07-10 kello 00:53 -0400, Erinn Clark kirjoitti:
> * Lynoure Braakman <lynoure@gmail.com> [2006:07:10 07:28 +0300]: 
> > Let me approach the matter from a different angle: If you consider
> > this calendar is ok, what kind of calendar of women in IT would be ok?
> Maybe one of them actually doing their jobs? That would at least be
> relevant. But I guess it wouldn't be "sexy" and thus not sell as much
> (though I would at least buy a copy of /that/).

I agree with Erinn: a calendar showing the ladies in question doing
their jobs (or hobbies, as the case may be) would have been more
interesting, and relevant.

I've shot a few calendards with friends (see [1] for example). It can be
great, fun, project. It should even be doable over the Internet as a
distributed project, with all thirteen pictures (you need one for the
cover) shot by different people, in different countries. If Debian-Women
wants to do it, I'd be happy to participate.

[1] http://liw.iki.fi/liw/2003/kuvat/index.html

You need fewer comments, if you choose your names carefully.

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