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Re: Hello and introduction

Quoting linuxgirlie (linuxgirlie@gmail.com):
> Haven't been a member for long but here goes...
> Hi, I am Jo, on the net I am 'known' as linuxgirlie.
> I am from the UK and am  a sys-admin in a secondary school, I am the
> co-founder of Karoshi (www.karoshi.org.uk)

I overlooked the Karoshi main page....have you ever considered working
closer with projects like Debian-edu/Skolelinux....

Initiatives for Linux-based networks in schools are numerous and It
would be good to have them get some points of convergence (it this
last word English or just me translating from French? ;-))

As I understand it, Karoshi is a framework that installs on top of
Linux machines....so I guess it could be packaged for Debian...and
thus Custom Debian Distributions like Skolelinux.

Another idea pops in my mind: last year I held a Debian booth at the
"Salon de l'Education", the major French trade show about
education...where there was a Free Software Pavillion....why not dig
in the idea of showing things like Karoshi over there?

I don't know whether it is localized or not, actually...but that could
also be an interesting target.

In short: all this is deeply interesting. You had a good idea
introducing yourself, Jo...

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