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Re: Hello and introduction

Haven't been a member for long but here goes...

Hi, I am Jo, on the net I am 'known' as linuxgirlie.

I am from the UK and am  a sys-admin in a secondary school, I am the co-founder of Karoshi (www.karoshi.org.uk)

I must admit that I don't use Debian as my desktop distro I use Mandriva 2006, but I use Debian for other reasons including testing for Karoshi.

I started my love of Linux when I was in 6th Form at the age of 16/17, I got to install Corel Linux and haven't looked back, I am now 21 1/2 which means I have been using Linux for 5-ish years now....and I keep getting told to let go of Mandriva...but I just can't...lol...maybe one day! :D

Hope you enjoy it here, and if you haven't joined already maybe look at the linuxchix mailing list.. :)


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