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Colloquial English (was: Re: Women in FOSS at OSWC II)

> In case anyone else is wondering (it is a fairly colloquial phrase), to "tell
> off the crowd for locking women out" means to "criticise the crowd for excluding
> women from their activities".
> to tell someone off means to criticise or verbally punish them (eg "I told my
> son off for not doing his homework earlier")
> to lock someone out, in this context, means to prevent them from joining in the
> activity - think the analogy of locking girls out of the boy's clubhouse, or
> something like that.

Hmmmmm, sounds like very good stuff to put here or there and make
people think that I'm actually fully fluent in English...for at least
2 minutes, until they discover that I speak it "like a Spanish cow"
(typical French expression for saying one speaks a language pretty

I also like this "colloquial" word a lot....

Bubulle, in Spanish cow mode, after being a Dancing Ape at Debconf5

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