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Re: Women in FOSS at OSWC II

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> * Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> [060222 19:10]:
>>>>panelists were very varied. One women spent 25 minutes (we only had 5 mins
>>>>each) basically telling off the crowd for locking women out. This left a
>>>                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>Please excuse in advance my limited English knowledge but could you
>>>rephrase this as I have actually difficulties understanding what
>>>exactly was this woman doing (unless someone wants to translate this
>>>to me in French which would be the most convenient...:)).
>>Elle adresse des reproches à ces qui excluent les femmes, j'y pense.
> Uhm... could someone translate that in german (or rephrase the english
> phrase)?  Thanks ;)

In case anyone else is wondering (it is a fairly colloquial phrase), to "tell
off the crowd for locking women out" means to "criticise the crowd for excluding
women from their activities".

to tell someone off means to criticise or verbally punish them (eg "I told my
son off for not doing his homework earlier")

to lock someone out, in this context, means to prevent them from joining in the
activity - think the analogy of locking girls out of the boy's clubhouse, or
something like that.


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