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Re: Women in FOSS at OSWC II

> I also had several young people, including young women approach me
> afterwards really happy to hear my point of view. It made me realise how
> much a negative attitude can turn young women off. I guess if the lady had

This is something I often have problems with when talking about D-W
(not doing presentation as I never did one, obviously, but rather
informal talks):

Explain that D-W is not a feminist club full of people like the woman
you're talking about who are angry about men in FLOSS. In the same
time, explain that such "active feminists" are not strongly excluded
as well because we certainly all agree that they also have a lot to
bring to us (for instance, your talk with the woman mentioned in this
thread was certainly interesting anyway, though not helped by a
translating gateway which does not make easy to have quick interaction).

The other challenge is of course also explain that this is also not a
club of FLOSS developers girlfriends but I'm better at this one...:-)

Actually, for telling the truth, Im not very satisfied by the last
times I talked about D-W (particularly at Solutions Linux in Paris,
where I didn't raise much interest to people I talked with about the
project...which actually only includes *one* woman).

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