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Re: Women in FOSS at OSWC II


* Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> [060222 19:10]:
> > > panelists were very varied. One women spent 25 minutes (we only had 5 mins
> > > each) basically telling off the crowd for locking women out. This left a
> >                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Please excuse in advance my limited English knowledge but could you
> > rephrase this as I have actually difficulties understanding what
> > exactly was this woman doing (unless someone wants to translate this
> > to me in French which would be the most convenient...:)).
> Elle adresse des reproches à ces qui excluent les femmes, j'y pense.

Uhm... could someone translate that in german (or rephrase the english
phrase)?  Thanks ;)

Yours sincerely,


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