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Re: The state of the Debian Women project (was: Re: DebConf6)


> Revive the DWWN thingie? But it needs someone to take care of
> it.....and probably shoul dbe turned into a Debian Women *Monthly*
> News....after all, no offense intended but we probably don't have that
> many news..:)

I am actually keeping an eye on D-W for the regular DWN but don't find
much news-worthy stuff coming up. (BTW: If I miss should something D-W did
and that should go into the DWN, please let me know!) I am not sure that
would be very different for a DW(W/M)N. After all, if there *were* any
news they should first of all appear on w.a.d.o (another "delicate


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