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Re: The state of the Debian Women project (was: Re: DebConf6)

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 08:46:45AM +1100, Helen Faulkner wrote:

> I basically agree with Erinn on this, and also I'm not sure what to do
> about it, or even whether anything needs to be done.

  It seems to me that the current stat is getting closer to
 the ideal as time goes on.

  Rather than *needing* to encourage women, or other newcomers who
 might be intimidated when it comes to joining the project, we now
 have people who are just quietly doing work.

  Having no difficulties and not needing drastic changes is a great
 place to be, right?

> Does anyone have ideas about what they would like to see Debian Women
> doing that we are not currently doing?

  It might be nice if a coulpe of people could write up their
 experiences, or current projects just to reinforce the idea that
 women and newcomers are doing useful and interesting things.
 But the simple fact that they are doing so, and demonstratably
 doing so is a good thing.

  But otherwise the recent conference speaking and attendence
 appears to have raised some more awareness, which won't go away
 now we have more newcomers joining the project and doing "stuff".

> I think that maybe we need some people with new
> enthusiasm to coordinate some little projects that others might be interested
> in, to get things more fired up again.

  Little projects might be interesting, but I admit I'm not sure
 what kind of projects would be useful.  We all know there is enough
 work out there to do!

  I guess since people haven't suggested projects we can either
 assume the list-readers are either already working on projects
 which interest them  (this is the answer I'd like to believe) or
 are too busy to do so.

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