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Re: The state of the Debian Women project (was: Re: DebConf6)

> Sure, but it becomes an issue when, for example, newcomers are signing
> up to the list and seeing no traffic -- our IRC channel is very vibrant

This is one point that rang a bel in my head recently, yes.

I had a few occasions to talk about D-W recenlty (Educ@tice trade show
I reported about in debian-events-eu for instance) and my concern was
pointing people (mostly women) to this mailing list....which I know is
a bit quiet....coucou, Odile...:-)

Another "concern" is that I somewhat feel that the IRC channel may be
intimidating in some manner. We all know it turned out into a kind of
friendly club where many people who are involved in some manner in the
project talk about merely anything....and sometimes about D-W...:-)

This is something I've done myself a lot (mostly because many people
in #d-w are people I personnaly appreciate) until I thinked about it
and decided to lower this as much as possible.

This is probably a call for refocusing the channel....and in the same
time a call for reviving the mailing list. This thread is a first
attempt for it.

> and women are doing plenty of stuff "quietly", as you say. But a lot of
> it doesn't justify having a list discussion or it's too convenient to
> keep it on IRC. While I think it's great when new people join the
> channel, I think it's unrealistic to recommend they /all/ come on IRC in
> order to participate.

Especially when they are now that fluent in English...:-)

> Yeah, I guess status reports might be ok occasionally. When I was
> involved in LinuxChix, horn-tooting was encouraged; basically, telling
> people all the cool stuff you did, the benefits being two-fold: more
> exposure for accomplishments of women in computing, and actually
> encouraging women to not be afraid to speak up about them. The theory
> was that many women will not brag about their accomplishments or, at
> worst, will not even get recognition for them. 

Revive the DWWN thingie? But it needs someone to take care of
it.....and probably shoul dbe turned into a Debian Women *Monthly*
News....after all, no offense intended but we probably don't have that
many news..:)

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