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Re: The state of the Debian Women project (was: Re: DebConf6)

* Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> [2005:12:06 16:57 -0500]: 
> But I dunno, honestly, writing to a mailing list and saying "Look at
> this cool thing I've done" sounds really unlikely for me personally,
> though I think mentioning stuff because it could help people on the list
> would be far more likely.

Hrm, yeah - I don't know if I'd really do anything like that either.
My status right now happens to be "maintenance mode" -- I keep an eye on
my packages and my NM queue status and read the lists and planet but am
kind of a little too busy to take anything else on, at least until I get
all my university applications and things done.

> But effectively, we're lacking leaders -- those of us who were in charge
> in the past have moved on and/or lost perspective of what it's like to
> be a newcomer and newer people haven't expressed a lot of interest in
> taking over the role(s). And hey, if that's what people want, then
> that's fine, but it does make me wonder if there's a /reason/ (fear,
> entrenched culture, whatever) that it hasn't happened. 
> I probably just want someone to keep the website up to date, though. :)

Heh, you never did put up my profile. :-p (I'm a member of the website
alioth group, though, so I suppose I could just add it myself if you

A. Christine Spang

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