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Re: Let's do it! Work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

This is long email, please bear with me. 
Also sorry for the terrible wording, I am in "one of those days" where I
can't properly make myself understood.

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'd be delighted if it does not turn into an all-male meeting..:-)

I was tired and in a bit of a hurry last night when I wrote the email.

What I have in mind is:

- Debian Women is a bit "silent/stalled/insert-your-fustration-here".
  I have not been active lately (ever?) either. 
  # include apologies.h 
- We need new projects, course of action, motivation, new blood even.
- The Junta de Extremadura has very good political reasons to sponsors a
  Debian Women meeting. It gets very good press, it would match their
  motivations completely: Because the Debian deploy there has two major
	- Strong social factor: Extremadura is the poorest region in
	  Spain. Extremadura missed the industrial revolution. And they
	  didn't want to miss this revolution (the technological one).
	- Lack of budget. They could afford either the hardware *or* the
	  propietary Operating system. So they found the cheaper
	  alternative. Then they were in love with it.

But, despite the technical aspect of it, in which they still need to
learn some skills, IMHO (I still have not seen them work tightly *with*
Debian as another Debian Custom Distribution) the subsequent social
motivations are the ones that will allow us to work with them. Maybe
this is not the right meeting. I am not sure. I want to talk to Darío
about it, but I want to know first if there's interest here. 

What I have in mind is... During the first Debconf-es, two years ago, we
had the chance to see Debian being used in Real Life by people of all
ages. We also had the chance to meet the people that are helping those
users. Their job is to create a reason for the users to actually use the
computer. So their experience is very interesting. I think there could
be a lot of chemistry. And a lot of input we could use to make Debian
better for all ages. 

Let me know hat you think.

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