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Re: DW quotes

also sprach Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no> [2005.06.17.1601 +0200]:
> There are some learning experiences that I would be quite
> happy to live without, thank you. 

If you prefer to be offended than to sovereign, that's your choice.

> You are stating the obvious.  Yet that only explains why online
> fora devolve into flamefests so easily.  It is a likely tendency,
> but not necessarily an inevitable one.  If your premise were that
> a hostile, sleazy or immature tone is totally unacceptable, you
> would hardly have recommended "learn for life from exposing
> yourself to Debian".

I am being realistic. Debian started as a group with the sole
motivation to create an operating system, not to live happily
together. As the project grew, so did the diversity of the people,
and so did the chance of having one or the other socially inept
person in the group.

DW was created to be a friendly environment from the start (priority
1), *then* contribute to Debian (priority 2) -- if I interpret it
correctly. Whether such an approach would be feasible when the goal
is similar to that of the Debian system is arguable. What remains to
be seen in any case is whether DW can sustain the environment with
the growth to come in the following years.

> Why would I advise against "learn for life from exposing
> yourself"? Because it may teach you some really questionable
> habits!

It depends on how interested you are, and how well you inform
yourself. If you have no idea about hacker culture and have not
taken the time to make up an opinion about the project before
"exposing" yourself, that's your problem. So if you get slapped in
the face in return, maybe you'll be able to learn for life that
wide-eyed naïvité is just not appropriate everywhere. *Please* don't
anyone read this as an attack.

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