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Re: DW quotes

also sprach Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> [2005.06.17.1248 +0200]:
> That's one of the main entry barriers I see for women. We're
> always required to be more mature, more grownups, to be able to
> ignore everything, to keep calm, not to reply. That's something
> usually boys do not need to have when approaching free software
> world. That obviously makes far less women want to join this
> world, it's quite understandable.

Let alone the issue of gender, it is not just women who get their
daily beatings in Debian. Spend some time on IRC or get into a flame
war and experience the personal attacks. Now if you let these get to
your core, you've got another thing coming.

If DW tries to keep an environment with only friendly encounters,
that's great. I'd still say that you can actually learn for life
from exposing yourself to Debian and *not* taking personal attacks
serious. You have to learn that non-personal communication media are
(a) easy to abuse for insults (you don't have to look into the
person's face), and (b) often the grounds for misunderstandings.

> I don't wanna have to constantly be on guard, to be prepared to
> ignore trolls, to be able to cope with sexual or sexist attacks
> and so on. Boys do not have to cope with all that. 

Yes, we do.

> BTW, You don't need to be a true grownup to enjoy Free Software :)

Oh, right. And I guess some of us really aren't. Including myself.

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