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Re: DW quotes

 --- martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> escribió:

> also sprach Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no> [2005.06.17.1202 +0200]:
> >  That's how IRC for the masses devolve, you know.  When the
> >  strings "asl" or "r u horny" appear frequently, the true adults
> >  will feel awkward.
> Uh, I'd say the true grownups should be able to just ignore that.

That's one of the main entry barriers I see for women. We're always required
to be more mature, more grownups, to be able to ignore everything, to keep
calm, not to reply. That's something usually boys do not need to have when
approaching free software world. That obviously makes far less women want to
join this world, it's quite understandable.

I don't wanna have to constantly be on guard, to be prepared to ignore trolls,
to be able to cope with sexual or sexist attacks and so on. Boys do not have
to cope with all that. We girls also don't have to cope with that being in
D-W, that's why it is important. We have the same rights to be able to have
fun with our hobby without having to contantly be on guard or angry.

If I'm not mature enough for ignoring those people, maybe I will in the
future. Right now my interests are not in the side of having to fight with
immature horny boys but on doing things I like.

BTW, You don't need to be a true grownup to enjoy Free Software :)


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