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Re: DW-Map

"Clint Adams" <schizo@debian.org> said:

> Frequently in volunteer organizations, one may observe the appearance of
> persons who do not wish to contribute meaningfully, but who wish to be
> recognized as meaningful contributors for the purpose of augmenting
> the claims on their résumés, curricula vitae, school applications, short
> biographical notes, or other measures of worth.

Thank you Clint §;-))) ... I know what you mean and I know this sort of
people. That was not my intention when I asked about the DW-Map. "It
might show that I support the project and share the spirit" (Gregor) of
DW and Debian. If you want the map for active maintainers, NM and
translaters only then of course it' s not right to put me on until a
contribution like those.


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