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Introducing myself and Re: DW-Map

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking of unlurking for some time, and so now I actually do
it. :-)

My name is Bas Wijnen, and I'm not a woman.  I first heard about D-W at
FOSDEM, in Hanna's talk.  I'm a big fan of free software and Debian, and
think it would be a very good idea if more women are involved in both of
them.  I've been programming forever, since some years exclusively on
free software.  I'm always planning to do more work on GNU Hurd, but
currently I don't even find the time to read the mailinglist completely.
 I recently started packaging as well[1].  Reading the D-W mailinglist
(and D-mentors), and the tutorials on the website have helped me a lot
with that.  Perhaps some debian-newbie-maintainer place would be better
for such documents, but as that doesn't seem to exist, I'm very happy
with this. :-)

I'm currently doing a PhD in physics, which takes most of my time, so I
cannot be very active for Debian (or D-W).  Also, I have quite some
experience with programming, using and administrating, but not so much
with packaging, so within Debian I consider myself pretty much a newbie.
 Which means I'm not sure about how much I could contribute to D-W anyway.

Summarizing, I don't think I qualify for being on the map (but let me
know if you disagree, I don't mind sending my coordinates), but I just
wanted to let you all know I'm reading the list, and I might sometimes
say some things. :-)  I might even drop by on IRC sometimes, if you
don't mind (I'm not sure if I'm not just "diluting" the channel, as I
probably don't have much to contribute, and am not a woman.)  If I do,
my nickname will be "shevek".

Finally, I think there is an error with the coordinate thing (which is
small because it is only about minutes, but small bugs deserve to be
fixed as well :-) ).

AFAIK, there are two ways of writing geo-coordinates, which are degrees,
minutes, seconds (and optionally fractions of seconds) and degrees,
minutes and fractions of minutes.  It is very unlikely that a computer
program will output seconds higher than 59, so the notation was probably
the second one.  So
N 55 42 074
E 13 12 121
would be 55 + 42.074 / 60 degrees North (55.7012), 13 + 12.121 / 60
degrees east (13.2020).  This also comes (a bit) closer to the new


[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/devel/z80asm, programmed and
packaged by me.

Mirjam Lindberg wrote:
> Hi!
> It looks just right on the dw-map. I'm in Lund, a small town in southern
> Sweden. According to the Getty-page the numbers you have calculated seem
> about right. Hmm. I got my coordinates of my company's webpage, now I
> feel compelled to check why they are weird?! These are the Getty
> coordinates:
> Lat: 55 42 00 N  degrees minutes       Lat: 55.7000  decimal degrees
> Long: 013 10 00 E  degrees minutes       Long: 13.1667  decimal degrees
> http://www.getty.edu/vow/TGNFullDisplay?find=Lund&place=&nation=Sweden&english=Y&subjectid=7009837
> Anyway, the position on the map looks correct as it is. Thank you and
> sorry for the confusion!
> /Mirjam
> Miriam Ruiz wrote:
>> Mirjam, I'm a bit confused by the numbers in your coordinates:
>> N 55 42 074
>> E 13 12 121
>> I supposed it's degrees minutes seconds, but there's a 121 and 74
> which are
>> higher than 60, so I'm a bit confused about it. According to your email
>> address you might be from Sweden, but according to the graphical
> position that
>> the map shows with the decimal degrees I've extracted from them (
>> ), it seems more like
> southern
>> Finland. Is that right?
>> I've used the following numbers:
>>  55 + 42/60 + 74/3600 = 55.721
>>  13 + 12/60 + 121/3600 = 13.234
>> Is it OK, is it your mistake or is it mine?
>> You can try to find your coordinates at:
>> http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabulary/tgn/
>> Greetings :)
>> Miry

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