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Re: DW-Map

> Ack. And - who _is_ definitly involved in the projekt? What I exspected
> was to find the borders more transparent than in other Debian projects

Frequently in volunteer organizations, one may observe the appearance of
persons who do not wish to contribute meaningfully, but who wish to be
recognized as meaningful contributors for the purpose of augmenting
the claims on their résumés, curricula vitae, school applications, short
biographical notes, or other measures of worth.  Additionally, there
will be hangers-on for other reasons.

Regardless of the motives, this can have a demoralizing effect on actual
contributors.  Left unchecked, one can end up with a project full of
hundreds of members who do nothing at all.

Unless the project's goals are solely to be a club that people can join
and claim they belong to, I think it is wise to be mindful of such
issues and to keep an eye on the balance.

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