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Re: DW-Map

"Hanna M. Wallach" <hmw26@cam.ac.uk> said:

> Thanks for expressing your interest in being on the DW map. I'm
> interested to know why you like to read this list ...

IMHO many other Debian-lists (and groups) are quite unfriendly.

> ... (and want to be on the map!) if you're not active in the Debian
> Women project. Are you planning on becoming more active?

I don't know today. Maybe I can do something in the future; more in the
field of design/webdesign and starting explaining things like debian
releases, "SPI" and "FOSS" to newbies ...  

"Erinn Clark" <erinn@double-helix.org> said:

> Is this map for 'people on the -women mailing list' or did it have a
> more specific purpose? If we're using it to demonstrate people who are
> involved in the project, then maybe this should be made clear,

Ack. And - who _is_ definitly involved in the projekt? What I exspected
was to find the borders more transparent than in other Debian projects


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