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Re: d-w wiki

* Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> [2005:05:26 11:03 +0930]: 
> > However, Thierry has now told me that the wiki only has Latin-1  
> > character support. Vietnamese needs Unicode. No wiki for me. :(
> Mmm, really? I was pretty sure pmwiki supported UTF-8... Surely
> something can be done about that?

It should be possible to use UTF-8 with PmWiki, but it will "break" content
which is already using latin-1 characters. This content would have to be
reviewed and changed accordingly. That would be one solution.

Another, probably preferable solution would be to use different character
sets based on the language being used. This concept seems to be more or less
integrated into PmWiki already. The only thing that would need changing with
this approach is the language bar on top. The problem with that is that it
won't be possible to use the native language names on pages that use for
instance latin-1, since they won't be able to display characters not in
latin-1 correctly. A possible solution to this would be to have one language
bar in each language and use the translated names of each language in the
language bar.

I'm probably going to have some free time later today and will take a closer
look at possible solutions.


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