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Re: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

"HR" == Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no> 


    HR> If you want to improve the situation, you must understand
    HR> the problematic gender.

I think women have a pretty good understanding of ``the
problematic gender''.  That's why we're tired of dealing with
their crap.

    HR> How do you motivate the guys to behave, and how do you
    HR> avoid making them hostile?

Frankly, it's not up to women to ``motivate the guys to behave'',
it's up to the guys to figure out that their behavior is
inappropriate and deal with it.  Their hostility is their problem,
right up to the point that it results in negative actions
affecting someone else.

    HR> And how do you distinguish a personal hostility from a
    HR> simple disagreement?

Because of the limits of electronic media, it's not always
possible to do so.  But don't be surprised if suggesting that
someone's bad behavior isn't their responsibility leads to your
being dismissed.


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