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Re: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

I really don'tlike the way it seems like people are jumping all over
this Herman guy because of his remarks.

While I don't think that it is women's responsibility to change mens
behaviour, I do think women have a role to play in changing peoples
opinion through civil dialog.   Right now it would appear that he is
being alienated just for saying what probably many men think - right
or wrong.

Herman,  I think your comments mean well, though as you pointed out,
it's always hard to know someones true sentiment over email.  I think
a lot of people (women) are just really tired out pointing out the
obvious when it comes to the social behaviour, etc.

I actually am amazed at how many well behaved geeks are out there,
computer work seems to do nothing to improve this per se and I find an
equal or greater proportion of ego maniacs, a-holes, bulldozing alpha
(whatevers) in business, law and many other fields.  I think this is
more of a endemic social problem then just an engineering mindset. 
Throughout  most of the world being the "top dog" by any means
necessary is rewarded financially whereas - in general - being kind
and caring and considerate is not.


On 5/15/05, C.M. Connelly <cmc@debian.org> wrote:
> "HR" == Herman Robak <herman@skolelinux.no>
> Herman,
>     HR> If you want to improve the situation, you must understand
>     HR> the problematic gender.
> I think women have a pretty good understanding of ``the
> problematic gender''.  That's why we're tired of dealing with
> their crap.
>     HR> How do you motivate the guys to behave, and how do you
>     HR> avoid making them hostile?
> Frankly, it's not up to women to ``motivate the guys to behave'',
> it's up to the guys to figure out that their behavior is
> inappropriate and deal with it.  Their hostility is their problem,
> right up to the point that it results in negative actions
> affecting someone else.
>     HR> And how do you distinguish a personal hostility from a
>     HR> simple disagreement?
> Because of the limits of electronic media, it's not always
> possible to do so.  But don't be surprised if suggesting that
> someone's bad behavior isn't their responsibility leads to your
> being dismissed.
>    Claire
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