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Re: Tech stuff on d-women (Was: errors building a .deb)

Patricia Jung writes:
> Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> wrote:
> >   will scare them off. If I were to join DW now and had not been a
> >   founder, I would probably be annoyed by a lack of *any* technical  
> >focus.
> Full ACK. I'm not a founder, and I am missing technical discussion here  
> since this was what I hoped for when I joined this list: seeing women  
[ ... ]
> Although I am running mainly Debian I'm not likely to follow specialized  
> Debian lists -- simply because I don't have time enough to follow a  
[ ... ]
> I'm wondering whether this is a very special user profile here on this  
> list :)

Just one more data point, but everything you said applies to me as
well.  I like technical discussions on the list, especially debian
specific issues like packaging.  Some day I may muster the time
committment to join a bunch of other debian lists and the NM queue,
but in the meantime, I'm interested to read such discussions here.

Not to say people should have them just for the edification of Patricia
and me. But perhaps there are a lot of people here in the same situation.


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