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Re: Mentoring Feedback

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Lars Wirzenius escreveu:
:: ti, 2005-03-22 kello 11:24 -0500, David Nusinow kirjoitti:
:::: Maybe it's time to start thinking about ways to slowly
:::: open this program up to the wider Debian? I'm feeling
:::: like we need more documentation to standardize things
:::: though. A mentoring HOWTO and maybe a mentee HOWTO?

:: Isn't that what debian-mentor is supposed to be? But
:: perhaps they are less formal about mentoring than what
:: d-w has done so far.

	Kind of. :)

	D-W Mentor Program has a kind of "Front Desk", like
NM, I believe that Helen is in charge for that, she takes a
look at mentor and mentee profiles and try to do a "best fit".

	A mentor-mentee assignment is done and they start to
work focused on some specific goals. debian-mentor works
like a place to solve some doubts, but you don't have a
person "taking care" of you, following your work, giving you
tips, hints and tasks.

	debian-mentor is less formal then D-W and maybe we
should keep this model. Just add a "Mentor Program" inside
of it, that works in a similar way of DWMP and could be a
/preparation/ to NM.


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