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Re: translation to French

* Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Thomas Paris wrote: 
> > I've seen that there was a beginning of i18n of the wiki, but the "main"
> > pages are still only in English. Is it on purpose?
> proper sources. Unfortunately, I know very little about how translations
> are done, so I'm of no help, but I believe Thierry Reding has been working
> on getting the website to work with WML which should help translation quite
> a bit. He could probably tell you more, and maybe since I've mentioned him
> by name, he'll do so. :)

Not an easy way around that now =) Okay, this is how things look right now:
I've been working on creating a new build structure for the website. This
means that there will be WML files which contain more or less raw text,
intermingled with some special tags (paragraphs, sections, links, ...). That
way, content should be pretty much separated from the layout, which in turn
should make translation much easier.

I was planning to write some documentation about the system over the weekend
and during next week, aswell as set up a repository (most likely a GNU Arch
archive) that all the sources and translations should go into. I will keep
the list posted about the progress.


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