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DW Wiki translations, Was: translation to French

Second try without gnupg sig

Am Samstag, 05.03.05 um 13:53 Uhr schrieb Erinn Clark:

Nah, definitely not. I think currently there is an issue with getting some
stuff properly translated because all we have is HTML stuff instead of
proper sources.

The wiki was supposed to be a working area. Things ready for publishing on the regular pages should move there.

If you try to convert the wiki to WML or something like that, it will not be as useful as working area any longer.

Beside that: The Wiki has some kind of structured text. So is is not only HTML, while wml pages are not only text containing lots of HTML tags. I know that from www.d.o where I am working on. Some translations are in the po files and others (like the devel index are pure HTML (while header and other things are added using WML).

The problem with the language areas in the wiki: We did not find a better solution yet, where the english content is shown on main if no translation is available.




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