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Re: Dict and Glossary

Hi Jutta, Debian-Women,

Jutta Wrage wrote:
:: Thanks for you comment. It took some time to devide
:: the one and only file in some for different languages.
:: So I did not keep much atttention on my mistypings.

	Ok. :)

:: I have added some more words in between. But as some
:: women (and men?) seem to use the files already, here
:: some quesions:

	Let's check it...

:: 1. Who would like to keep a list of translations to
:: another language? The source for the dict is really
:: easy to edit, and I will submit a list of missing
:: translations (creation already prepared in program,
:: to keep different languages in sync).

	Ok, AFAIK we should translate it to help people
undesrtand even better some of the expressions and terms.

:: 2. Would it make sense to keep the acronyms apart
:: from glossary?

	I believe yes.

	Different things, different files. :)

:: 3. What would you like to have added?

	Don't know exactly at this time.

:: Translation:
:: word (or phrase)::translation

:: Glossary:
:: word (or phrase)::meaning

:: The glossary currently allows only one meaning for
:: one phrase or word. If there are dupes, they are
:: ignored. For the language dictionaries, there should
:: be one translation at a line, if there are more
:: translations, they are added to the first by compile
:: time. duplicate lines are ignored. Every word or
:: phrase or translation is linked to the glossary, if
:: found there in the web page version.

	Ok, sounds like a "wiki behaviour". :)

:: Some ideas:
:: It would be possible to include something from the
:: developer documentation into the dict. or glossary
:: (or make a set for that).

	Good idea.

:: If there are any suggestions or you want to keep
:: another language, please mail me.

	I can help keep it in Brazilian Portuguese.
AFAICT, Fernanda has already signed to translate the
website, probably I work with her to translate and
integrate the dict and gloassary.

:: Here the address, where the files are located:
:: http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/
:: http://www.la-sorciere.de/debian-women/

	Hmmm, is it a good idea to put it in the
CVS on Alioth? Perhaps SVN? So we can keep Version
Control and start to "centralize" the docs.

:: The new dict files and web pages are in the dir
:: named "fertig" Sources are in the directory
:: "unfertig", extension "txt".

	Kind regards,

// Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
// felipe@cathedrallabs.org
// CathedralLabs
// http://www.cathedrallabs.org/

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