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Re: What to do?

Quoting Jutta Wrage (jw@witch.westfalen.de):

> >The german translation team is for sure in need for skilled
> >translators and there are a lot of translation tasks to be done in
> >Debian.
> I already joined debian-l10n-german.

First step, good step..:-)

> >I'm deeply involved in Debian Installer i18n, more or less acting as a
> >general coordinator.
> What is i18n?

Sorry fo using an acronym without warning. jargn is the best enemy of
user friendlyness..:-)


aka : preparing software for being ready for a use in several

l10n==locali(z|s)ation==adding a new language/country environment to a
given software.....which is most often "translation"

Some people now use g17n==globali(z|s)ation for talking about both of
these combined together

> >However, I'm less sure of the status of the Debian Installation Manual
> >translation in german.
> There seem to be missed some of them. I have installed the german 
> manpages as default and sometimes I get English manpages. But maybe, 
> there are more translations in Sarge.

Well, you'll never see 100% man pages in german, nor french, I'm

Man pages translation is currently difficult because of the lack of
appropriate and easy to use tools up to now (this is changing). Tghis
is why there are not that much man pages translated (and several are
probably outdated)....

I was talking about the Debian Installer manual, which is a set of XML
documents describing how to install Debian. This is a part of the
Debian Installer project, that is the set of tools involved in the
first installation of a whole Debian GNU/Linux system.

Debian Installer software itself is very widely translated, but the
manual now requires attention : we're close to release and, as usual
in software development, the manual comes last...:-)

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