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Re: What to do?

Am Sonntag, 22.08.04 um 19:04 Uhr schrieb Christian Perrier:

When you mentioned "the project", Jutta, do you mean th D-W project or
the Debian project in general.

D-W is a Debian Project, even if some do not want. ;-) And supporting D-W means in general supporting Debian while supporting Debian does not mean supporting D-W as we can see in some discussions here now. I think, if D-W collects things on the website, it will be necessary to translate them to other languages in the future. But I may also assist with my experiences.

The german translation team is for sure in need for skilled
translators and there are a lot of translation tasks to be done in

I already joined debian-l10n-german.

I'm deeply involved in Debian Installer i18n, more or less acting as a
general coordinator.

What is i18n?

However, I'm less sure of the status of the Debian Installation Manual
translation in german.

There seem to be missed some of them. I have installed the german manpages as default and sometimes I get English manpages. But maybe, there are more translations in Sarge.

So, if above you meant "the Debian project" in general, I guess that
part would benefit a lot from input from you.

Hope so. But I am still trying to find out how things work.




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