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Re: What to do?

Quoting Jutta Wrage (jw@witch.westfalen.de):

> I would like supporting the project by assisting with my knowledge from 
> 25 years working in men dominated spheres. I my translate texts from 
> English to German and do other things.

When you mentioned "the project", Jutta, do you mean th D-W project or
the Debian project in general.

The german translation team is for sure in need for skilled
translators and there are a lot of translation tasks to be done in

I'm deeply involved in Debian Installer i18n, more or less acting as a
general coordinator.

As far as I remember, the german D-i Translation is in very good
shape, thanks to the good work of my friend Dennis "seppy" Stampfer.

However, I'm less sure of the status of the Debian Installation Manual
translation in german.

So, if above you meant "the Debian project" in general, I guess that
part would benefit a lot from input from you.

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