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Re: Website beta trial

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 17:47:58 +0200, Almut Behrens <almut-behrens@gmx.net> wrote:
> hmm, I think, if we're going to have more than one design proposal
> for the site (which isn't necessarily bad per se, IMHO), I'd suggest
> we also have a somewhat formalised way of coordinating efforts and
> choosing upon the final design. Something like a site design challenge
> or contest. Anyone who feels like, can make suggestions -- which would
> mean to put up a minimal working prototype for everyone to look at.
> There would be some deadline for submissions. After that, the group
> decides on what we all like the most, via some simple voting mechanism.
> (Of course, any discussion or layout refinements can happen after that,
> if needed.)


I'd like to clarify that when I made my earlier post in the thread, I
incorrectly assumed that the development of the site in question had
been delegated to them by the group.

While I don't think that site design contests are a bad idea in
general, I'm not so sure that a contest would be the best solution in
this case.  The group/list is quite new, and I don't see that the
goals and function have been clearly defined yet, though they may
change over time.  I think the founders of the list know better than
most of us what "the point" of the list is, and because of this I
think that they are the ones best suited to judge, oversee, or develop
a site design that conveys that.

Just my opinion though.
- Colleen

P.S.: Almut- sorry about the individual reply; I'm not quite
accustomed to checking that in Gmail yet :-(

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