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Re: Internation list (was: Is "debian-women" crashed ?)

Am 2004-07-18 14:21:03, schrieb Nori Heikkinen:

>> I don't have a problem with a multi-language list.  
>eh, i could go either way -- i'd just like to decide which it is.
>> Maybe down the road we should look at language-specific lists?
>like debian-user-german, or the other debian-user-* language lists?
>debian-women-french; &c.?

Forget it...  

It is the same problem with debian-l10n-bidi 
vers ...-farsi ...-arabic and ...-hebrew. 

You will have only 3 $USER on each list.

>ideally, this is what i'd do if people would like to do have a
>multilingual list.  it seems to me that the the default in the debian
>list structure so far (correct me if i'm wrong) (we could also deviate
>from this) is that there are language-specific lists for the -user
>list, but the rest (debian-powerpc; debian-apache; whatever else
>exists) are monolingual.  yes?

Right, but this is a "women" list, which does not fit into the system 
like other lists... I know some women here in Strasbourg which had 
negativ experiences on the LUG of Strasbourg and at debian-user-french.

So there is probaly an exclusion...

They have problems, because they speak only french, arabic or turkish. 

>my argument for monolingual lists would be that it's just confusing --
>if i don't read portuguese, for example, and an issue starts being
>debated in portuguese on-list, i have no way of reading it or
>contributing to it.  i feel that -- in the same way that if a post

Contribute if you can...
And if not, maybe others can help in the OP native language.

>isn't relevant to the stated topic of the list it shouldn't be posted
>-- that posts in different languages become irrelevant.  it's just the
>wrong forum for it.  i wouldn't bring up cooking issues on this list

Ahhh, and where they must go ?
CoLo a Server and create own Mailinglists ?
Nice Idea !

>because i think that a list of women would be useful for those
>questions, because it's simply not the right forum.  i'd find a
>cooking list.  i just like the idea of the Right Forum for each

This has nothing to do with debian-women...

>does debian have a list-wide policy on languages?  or should each list
>decide its own?  if the latter, i guess this is another issue that's
>open to debate, and that we should decide soon ...


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