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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

Replying to myself, sheesh.

At 16:36 on Jul 13, nicole shook the earth with:

> I did not ask for an explanation, in fact I did not assume that you were
> transexual based on your response to what Michelle said. I was, quite
> honestly, thinking exactly the same thing that you said, but I assumed
> that it was due to a language barrier that Michelle wasn't coming across
> very clearly.
> I don't really care if someone is male or female, born that way or
> otherwise, on the mailing list. This list is about more than that.
> Sometimes it is helpful background material to know where people are
> coming from if you are describing an experience and trying to relate it to
> others who may not be from the same background, but it is *NEVER*
> something I would ask someone to share unless they felt absolutely
> comfortable with it.
> At this point, I am completely frustated by the fact that someone thinks
> that I put them in the position where they have to justify themselves, to
> the point that I almost think it better that *I* leave or never discuss
> anything like this again, rather than risk a response like this again.

I do not mean to sound so drastic, just that I would rather not be here
than to be the cause of an uncomfortable environment for others. The point
is to make a friendly environment that is positive for women in debian,
and I feel as if I have risked that, at least to one person.

I feel that Miriam misunderstood my commentary, but I would rather not
risk it.

Now, if we are all on the same page, then I say we should move past this
issue and get movin'!


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