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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...


At 01:39 on Jul 14, Miriam Ruiz shook the earth with:

> > I think what Michelle meant was: sometimes transsexual/transgendered
> > people make women uncomfortable, and that may contribute to an
> > off-balance
> > in fewer women on the list than there would be otherwise.
> >
> > I'm not sure that it has really occurred to anyone > here, or if anyone
> > really cares whether someone is "biologically" female or not, but that
> > is
> > how I read what she was trying to get across.
> >
> > -nicole
> Ok, I didn't wanna talk about it, as it's my privacy, but seems I need
> to give explanations everywhere I go. I'll try to speak crystal clear:

I did not ask for an explanation, in fact I did not assume that you were
transexual based on your response to what Michelle said. I was, quite
honestly, thinking exactly the same thing that you said, but I assumed
that it was due to a language barrier that Michelle wasn't coming across
very clearly.

I don't really care if someone is male or female, born that way or
otherwise, on the mailing list. This list is about more than that.
Sometimes it is helpful background material to know where people are
coming from if you are describing an experience and trying to relate it to
others who may not be from the same background, but it is *NEVER*
something I would ask someone to share unless they felt absolutely
comfortable with it.

At this point, I am completely frustated by the fact that someone thinks
that I put them in the position where they have to justify themselves, to
the point that I almost think it better that *I* leave or never discuss
anything like this again, rather than risk a response like this again.

<snip the rest>

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